Spill Kit Supplies: What’s Included

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A spill kit is an all-in-one product that usually includes a container that stores the equipment and gear needed to clean up hazardous or dangerous spills. For example, oil can stain, mercury can be detrimental to the health, and chemicals can be harmful if touched or inhaled. Each of these kits will have a variety of supplies included so that you’re safe in case of a catastrophe. However, as you use the items, you’ll need to have them replaced to be prepared for another emergency.

A spill kit comes in three categories including general purpose, oil/fuel, and chemical. You can sometimes find specialty kits, such as marine spills and mercury. The general purpose one can be used for any liquid, whether water-based or otherwise. These can work well when you deal with many fluids throughout the building. You can also find oil/fuel kits that can be used to clean up petrol, diesel fuel, and oil. The chemical versions are designed to clean up a variety of chemicals that you may work with regularly. Again, you may find specialty kits for dealing with more dangerous chemicals or spills that happen in large bodies of water.

At Eco Spill, their primary concern is for your safety, that of your employees, and the health of the environment. Their kits include everything you need to clean up such spills, though they rarely include PPE. You can also purchase a variety of other accessories, such as large wheelie bins, trailers, and much more separately. They will come to your workplace and train people how to use the kits and can also schedule appointments to check the supplies and restock as necessary. Spill kit supplies are essential to ensure the safety of your property and employees, allowing you to clean up spills fast and efficiently.

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