The Advantages Of Spill Containment Kits

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Sometimes shorted to spill kits, spill containment kits have everything you need to contain and clean up the spillage. They include a variety of products inside the kit, usually contained in a large bag or drum, depending on the size you choose. They have bioactive absorbents that absorb and eat the liquid, ensuring that all the material absorbed doesn’t separate, drip, or leach out. They also have land socks to contain the perimeter so that the spillage doesn’t spread too far. It also comes with an absorbent mat that can be laid down to absorb most of the liquid faster. You also get gloves and appropriate waste bags to dispose of the spilled product.

Spill containment kits have everything you need to clean up spills, which makes them suitable for any industrial application. They also have instructions to help you learn what to do when spillage happens. However, you should choose a company that offers training, either at their facility or at your site, which ensures that the appropriate people know how to handle the spillage to reduce the time it takes to clean up and promotes safety of the employees, both those who are evacuated and those who are cleaning up the spill.

At EcoSpill, they have a variety of spill containment kits designed to fit all your needs. The multiple sizes ensure that you get the amount of spill clean-up products you need for what you have onsite. You can purchase many smaller kits to keep throughout the premises or one large kit that can handle every drop of liquid on the property. EcoSpill also offers containment systems, such as low-profile spill decks, containment pallets, caddies, and much more. You can easily store large drums of liquid on a personal deck or pallet so that any spillage goes directly into a containment tray, reducing the amount of spillage throughout the site.

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