Why See Your Woy Woy Dentist

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Many people use excuse after excuse to ignore visits to their Woy Woy dentist. It is upsetting when you think about all the noises and unfamiliar tools. However, you probably realise that it is essential, especially if you’re in pain.

The goal of dental visits is to prevent painful situations and catch problems early. A tiny cavity can be filled with hardly any material and takes less than an hour to complete. However, severe decay can require root canals or other treatments, such as extraction. These are lengthier and require surgery to fix, which costs more, as well.

Your Woy Woy dentist cleans and checks your teeth and gums for any signs of distress, but they do more than that. They can diagnose or check for oral cancer, as well. Did you know that most adults over 30 years of age have gum disease? While it is true, the disease itself is preventable. Going for routine dental care can prevent gingivitis. Along with such, if you already know you have it, you could reverse the damage and have healthy gums once more. If you wait too long, however, you run the risk of tooth loss and bone deterioration.

At Coastal Dental, they take a holistic approach, which means they treat you like a person rather than a problem or issue. Most dentists come in for two seconds, check your records, reprimand you for not brushing or flossing regularly, and leave. However, at Coastal, you never have to worry about feeling unwelcome or judged for past issues. They have an excellent bedside manner and talk to you like a person rather than a child. They focus on diagnosing the issue, treating or curing it, and helping you understand preventative options, which is just a few of many reasons to see your Woy Woy dentist.

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