Teeth Whitening in Castle Hill: Considerations

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Everyone wants a whiter smile, and some people have naturally white teeth. They can drink what they like, take medications, and never have to worry. Others can drink one glass of iced tea or wine and have teeth that look yellow or darker in colour. While genetics plays a role in how your smile looks, there are many reasons why your teeth may not be white any longer.

Instead of worrying, consider teeth whitening in Castle Hill. You should continue your oral routines, such as flossing and brushing, and may want to switch to a whitening toothpaste. However, these steps alone may not be sufficient to get your smile whiter.

Teeth whitening in Castle Hill focuses on removing surface stains. The dentist has stronger products that are designed to give you instant results that last. However, you should note that your lifestyle determines how frequently you need the procedure. If you regularly drink dark beverages and/or smoke, you may need treatments more often, even if you brush regularly. Other benefits include having more confidence in social situations, having better self-esteem and having the desire to take better care of your smile.

At Hills Dental Care, they use the Smartbleach system. It uses pure green light and red gel for a treatment that is gentle on the teeth and effective. They can help you relax by putting on a movie or some music so that you feel like you’re at the spa. When they’re finished, your teeth look brighter and whiter. You also get a personal set of before/after photos so that you can see the noticeable difference. The Smartbleach teeth whitening in Castle Hill can last longer than other procedures, especially if you care for your teeth and receive dental check-ups and cleanings every six months.

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