Dust Suppression Systems: The Need

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Many industries throughout Australia require dust suppression systems, such as mining operations, grain or steel mills, power plants, and more. The goal is to suck out the dust or water down the area so that the debris doesn’t get into the air, making it hard to breathe and reducing visibility.

Many industries are required to use these systems to be compliant with regulations in their state or country. You’ll find a variety of options available, ensuring that you can find something suitable for your needs.

Dust suppression systems make it easier for employees to see while they work. They may still be required to wear safety goggles and other PPE, but they won’t have to squint or move about quickly to try and see where they’re going. Such a system can also keep your equipment and machinery running smoothly. Contaminants, such as small particles and debris can get inside the machines and cause them to have issues. Therefore, you can increase the lifespan of your equipment and make maintenance easier. Along with this, the system you choose can reduce fire and explosion risks, as well as make the air cleaner in which to breathe. Employees may not need to use masks, or may not have issues breathing even with a mask on.

At Tank Management Services, they realise that you require the highest quality products so that you can work efficiently and safely. They have many dual-purpose products, such as the fire-fighting units that come with trailers and everything else you need to suppress debris and fight fires. Plus, their products are all made in Australia, so you know they are up to Australian Standards, which means you can rest easy knowing these products are safe to use. Dust suppression systems can be used for many purposes, including firefighting and power washing your equipment.

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