3 Odd Trips to Plan on Flights to Singapore

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Singapore is filled with delights for us to enjoy during our time there. Flights to Singapore take us over some famous sights as well as lesser-known ones.

It is not difficult to find odd things to see and do in Singapore. However, we can plan some unusual trips as we pass the time on our flight.

Visit the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

A strange museum, as it is home to turtles, terrapins, and tortoises of all sizes. The park contains many species of these creatures, enabling us to learn more about them. It is not open year-round, so it is important for us to check the latest opening times and dates to ensure we arrive at the best time to see everything.

Wander Along the Southern Ridges

This doesn’t sound too unusual… but then we realise the Southern Ridges is a trail that takes us through the trees. Not lower down, but near the tops of these trees. The bridge we will wander across on our journey could be viewed from flights to Singapore if they flew close enough. It is a modern wonder that is worth seeing just as much as the views it offers.

Enjoy a Trek Through the Punggol Waterway Park

There are four zones for us to discover in this park. We can visit the Nature Cove, the Recreation Zone, the Heritage Zone, and the Green Gallery. Cycling is popular, and we can hire a bicycle to take in the complete 26km loop that goes around the entire park and links the four areas as one. We might see this while on flights to Singapore too, as it covers over 12 hectares all told.

We can indulge in many strange activities and visit many odd destinations when in Singapore. These examples show how diverse and fascinating such activities can be.

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